Home Improvement September 19, 2023

5 DIY Projects to boost your home value!

I think most people have the thought cross their mind during a renovation project, “Is this going to add value to my home or take away from it?”

I know I dealt with that question for every single update we did on our first home. Is this the best use of our money? Are we going to get our money back from this project when we sell? What if we pick finishes that the rest of the world hates?!?

It can be a stressful time! Maybe not all Real Estate professionals want to deal with your questions about your home renovation project (and most of us don’t have the time to give full designer plans) but I do think it’s important to have an ear when you’re making these kind of choices!

If you aren’t doing the renovation specifically to resell the property, the most important element of any renovation does come down to a simple question. Do YOU love it?

However, if you are concerned about what repercussions your choices may have, I’m happy to talk you through some of the things that will give you the best return.

The flip book below will give you a quick 5 things to focus on and consider as you’re getting started. More questions? Send me a message and we can talk more about your project.